Hiking Club Small Group

Welcome to the Free Chapel Hiking Club small group! [click here for more information]

Let me introduce myself and my wife to you. We are Lee and Cindy August and we lead the hiking small group from Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA.

We are called to serve in an outdoor ministry at Free Chapel. We believe that when we get out in nature we get to experience God’s handiwork in a very tangible way. Join us and enjoy the fragrances of the earth He created; see the trees He has nurtured; feel the grass He called into existence. (Genesis 1:11-12) Our desire is to fellowship with each other as we experience Nature in all seasons.

Every trip will include time for a devotion and to share our lives with each other. Adults, Singles, Marrieds and Kids are ALL invited! Wear trail appropriate shoes and clothing, bring water and a snack.

We send out updates through the Church Community Builder website during the week before the hike, scheduled for the first Saturday of every month, to let you know that month’s hiking location and any special instructions such as bringing a sack lunch.

Please email us and send prayer requests as you need. No request is too small and we will respond promptly.

We look forward to hiking with you!
Lee and Cindy August
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Lee and Cindy August

Lee and Cindy August


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